Monday, December 6, 2010

Respect the Process

Story Time.
"...and that was how I bested Ole Hare Boskins," Grandpa Figgins looked off into the distance as if the room extended for miles, holding high his most prized possession.
"Are you joking?" Miles asked. "The Mr. Boskins? He was the fastest Hare on the planet!"
"No, no I'm not. He had never learned..." Grandpa's voice trailed off, gazing into his golden prize.
"What? What Grandpa?"
"The race is not always given to the swift. Here, child, you take this now. Past glories serve only as painful memories." Miles gently grasped the medal as if receiving a newborn. "Now, you should head home, your mother will be worried sick."
Miles strolled out the door, down the walkway, and through Farmer York's gate. A blue ribbon hung 'round his shell, at its crest was his Grandpa's prized medal. He stopped just inside the gate caught in its glow, lost in its shine, so much so that Miles failed to see the danger just up the path.

Okay, so I know it's kind of weird to be "writing" the story out, but I thought that it would help you further understand our plan, and what this video game we are working on is truly about. I trust that it kept your interest long enough to finish at least this post. Oh, and here's another concept art piece thing.

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