Friday, December 3, 2010

Monotony: The path to Success?

When all the world seems monotonous and boring, and you find yourself stuck in the same pattern day in and day out; when your work seems to be meaningless and repetitive, and your heart is heavy with the burden of self pity, think on this and be glad. Your day HAD to be less tedious and repetitive than mine!

Oh man, my brain hurts just looking at all those turtles. The first one looks like the mummer's parade gone wrong. So many fat colorful people except without the instruments, it makes my head spin. Looks like the biggest loser filmed in a fun house. Jamie Kennedy called and said he wanted his shell back. The last animation looks like some weird pre-pooping ritual only to find he was constipated......Still, I triumph. Who needs to fight cancer when they can go to battle with possibly the most inefficient animation procedure known to man. I was so bored while doing this, that somewhere in the middle I was making up sayings like, "the path to greatness is paved with stones of discipline," or "He who perseveres, is revered." I challenge you to explain a more repetitive day than this...go for it.

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