Thursday, March 10, 2011


Just past the kitchen entrance, our refrigerator seemed to be waiting for this precise moment, for no longer was it against the wall, neatly aligned with the kitchen counters. We saw our refrigerator a good six feet out of place, exchanging glances with my television and car clock in some sort of silent universal appliance language. Motionless, we stood at the end of the hall because sis was frightened of our refrigerator.
After a moment or two, the brigade of badly behaved electronics wheeled and bounced, rolled and trounced right through our kitchen to the basement door. Our refrigerator quickly shoved the door ajar, and in one fell swoop the clock and the television hopped onto the fridge as it proceeded to slide down the stairs. CRAAAASH!
I was certain that somebody upstairs must have heard the ruckus, but the house remained still beyond the thumping of our spirited appliances. Once again, sis was too scared to follow right away, so we waited, calculating just the right time to sneak down the stairs unnoticed. Halfway down the stairs we sat and watched. I would have thought that things couldn't have gotten any stranger than the idea of our refrigerator teaming up with my clock and television to hurry down to our basement, but I would have most definitely have been wrong....