Sunday, December 5, 2010

3.33333 times as SWEET!

Lo and Behold I have done it again...literally, done it again. What is it, you may ask. IT is a miracle of my innovation and proof of my genius...Lo and behold, I have finished the Tortoise Run animation, and the Tortoise Walk animation again, but this time I prepared them for in-game use. The first time I accomplished said triumph, it was merely for the title screen and nothing else, thus making this victory taste approximately three point three three three three three times as sweet.

Now you're probably looking at last weeks post and thinking, old news right?...WRONG. On top of all the coloring that I had to finish, I also had the pleasure of erasing, very tightly mind you, around each and every image. FUN FUN FUN! This time, I will spare you the stupid pictures of each animation.

Instead, I share with you, an unfinished load screen painting, or concept art piece. I'm not quite sure what this piece will be used for, but I liked making it, and plan on finishing it when I get back in Jersey this 11th. For those of you who are fans of Rocky or, just people that are familiar with the Rocky films, it is kind of a spoof off the famous training montage. Our beloved Tortoise being really quite fat and out of shape, has collapsed in a sweaty stupor too tired to even hold up his arms. His buddy the squirrel does it for him. I'm pretty sure that at this current point in time, I, myself, would be best represented by the tortoise in this picture. No, I'm not fat, but out of shape, yes...YES! Without any further ado...

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